About the Artist

Working primarily in digital, Jim strives to evoke a sense of freedom and experimentation that hasn’t been seen in comics since the late 60s. His work has been said to “…capture the devil may care tone and atmosphere of the underground comics years ago.” He is best known for his webcomic Radiation Burn.

Jim Wilkerson was born in Seattle, WA, but has spent most of his life in the Northeast. He grew up in New Jersey drawing and reading comics. Early on he was fascinated by the underground works of Moebius, Richard Corben and Enki Bilal as featured in Heavy Metal magazine. This led to the creation of numerous comics as a child (Some of which were unceremoniously confiscated by his parents for being too “underground” for his age.) and ultimately to the¬†Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he studied¬†drawing and animation.

Jim currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and is working on an untitled science fiction graphic novel.