The Queen of Honey – Free Comic

A talking cat, a gunslinging necromancer, and a pychopathic Legionnaire race against time to find an ancient queen.

“You apes are so sentimental. We’ll need a mount. I refuse to walk.”

About the Comic

The Queen of Honey is a brand new weird adventure comic set in the Middle East during the late 19th century. Created by Hunter Eden and drawn by myself, the comic is available as a free download and online below. Check it out, and be sure and let us know what you think in the comments.

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About the Authors

Hunter Eden

Hunter C. Eden is a Denver-based essayist and dark fantasy writer whose work has appeared in Weird TalesCity SlabTablet, and Ravenous Monster Horror Webzine.

Jim Wilkerson

Mr. Wilkerson is a cartoonist. He enjoys drawing, painting and long walks on the beach. When not producing content of dubious origins he can be found howling at the moon late at night in  Brooklyn, NY where he also resides.

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